Wesbank Weekly Auctions and Vehicle Catalogues

Wesbank weekly auctions and vehicle catalogues are available across the country. All you have to do is know where to look. Your first point of call should be the Wesbank website which not only lists all the destinations where the auctions will be held, but a catalogue of all of the cars on auction in those places. It really is that simple.

The best thing about this website I feel is the fact that they understand that not all people attending the auctions are regulars and as a result need a helping hand in the way of what to expect. Therefore they have developed a manual explaining the process in detail for you. So here is breakdown for you to digest whilst thinking of your next car.

Decide what kind of vehicle you want before hand and set a budget

One vital word of advice that Wesbank provides to its customers is that they come in to the auction house with a predetermined budget. The whole experience of attending an auction can be very exciting and many people seem to get caught up in the process and forget all about their budgets. This is essential however to ensure that you do not purchase beyond your needs and you do not end up having your car repossessed as a result of late or no payment of monthly instalments.

Take a look at what is on auction

Wesbank weekly auctions and vehicle catalogues are readily available on their website as well as in traditional media publication such as newspapers. This means that you do not even have to enter the show house and look around for what is available. You can look from the comfort of your own home.

You cannot test drive the vehicle

Unlike dealerships, you cannot actually test drive a vehicle that has been placed on auction. This may put a lot of people off as they may feel that they are being ripped off if they do buy. However all cars at auction are started and left running during the auction in order to prove they do actually run. If this is not enough proof for you, all auction houses allow you the opportunity to bring in a qualified mechanic or auto electrician in order to inspect the vehicle before you bid. Auction houses generally have an open day the day before the auction for you to inspect the vehicles.

Do not set your heart on one car

Wesbank suggests that instead of putting all of your eggs in one basket, you choose a selection of cars that you are willing to buy. This way should you be outbid at auction, you can have cars to fall back on. This will also assist you in stopping yourself from spending outside of your price bracket.

Do your homework

Don’t come to an auction assuming that you are getting a good deal. Always compare the prices that you find at auction with others out there in the market. This isn’t to say that Wesbank will be ripping you off, but you may find something better somewhere else even if it isn’t an auction vehicle.

Not everyone can bid at auction

The majority of the auction houses require a registration fee of sorts. This ranges depending on the auction house but currently on the Wesbank website, they state that a R5000 registration fee is required before you can attend an auction. From here you will be registered through Wesbank and will be able to start searching through the catalogues on offer and attend the auctions where you have seen something that you like.